RVA Theatre Alliance

*Live Client*

What happened: Richmonders incorrectly perceived that local theatre would cost too much time and money. We evolved RVA Theatre Alliance’s brand identity and positioned local theatre to claim territory as a quintessentially “Richmond thing.”

Why it was fun: It was delightful to champion a rich art form for a city I love.

Skills: Client relations, segmentation, qual/quant, target personas, creative briefing, brand identity, positioning, media planning, pitching

RVATA Casting.001.png

We segmented Richmond’s many audiences and picked the one with the most opportunity for growth: “the Richmonder.”

  • 24-35 years old

  • Grew up in RVA

  • Moved away and came back, now they’re here to stay

  • Self-identified lover of Richmond cultural scene (art, food, museums) but unaware of the RVA Theatre Alliance

RVATA Strategy.001.png

RVA Theatre Alliance is committed to demonstrating how approachable local theatre is by weaving it into Richmond’s culture through two interrelated objectives:

  1. Celebrate local theatre as an essential part of Richmond's culture.

  2. Demonstrate that live theatre can be a spontaneous experience.


RVATA Tactics.001.png

Act I: Prepare
Act II: Reintroduce
Act III: Build & Integrate



Brand Identity

Old Logo

Reimagined Logo

We chose a modern, clean style for its simplicity, recognizability, and its versatility. The corners pointing outward, the sweep of the spotlights, and the depth of RVA coming forward on the stage are all dynamic and encourage viewers to engage with the brand.

The logo works in greyscale for non-color printing and scales to any size.

Website & Facebook

We redesigned the Theatre Alliance’s website with a master calendar and mocked up a Facebook page to fulfill two functions:

  1. Tell people when and where the member theatre’s shows are happening

  2. Get them to the member theatre’s website as soon as possible to buy a ticket


The playbill is a wonderful brand touchpoint the Richmond Theatre Alliance wasn’t taking full advantage of. We amplified their voice by adding the reimagined logo to the booklets and copy explaining what the Theatre Alliance is on the previously blank back covers.

Additionally we dedicated a page inside every playbill for promoting upcoming shows from other member theatres.



Print, Digital, OOH Ads


The first ads demonstrate that live theatre can be a spontaneous experience and the third celebrates local theatre a classic element of the Richmond experience.

Ads by Jan Junloy, Art Director


Build & Integrate

Community Engagement


We placed the Richmond Theatre Alliance in low cost, high impact settings where Richmonders already go. Imagine the free 6:00am exercise class at the VMFA every Wednesday taught by Hamlet in full costume and character, or an Edgar Allen Poe Museum Unhappy Hour replete with tragic characters.



Ravenchase is an adventure company in Richmond that builds immersive scavenger hunts and city-exploring experiences for adults. They’re good at it too, all 11 of their most recent public events were completely sold out. With Ravenchase’s expertise the Richmond Theatre alliance will sponsor a theatre and arts themed scavenger hunt that ends at member theatres for a show.


Created with:
Art Director: Jan Junloy
Copywriter: Nate Sauber
Creative Brand Manager: Jackson Downey
Creative Brand Manager: Max Farinholt (loading…)
Creative Brand Manager: Michelle Lee
Creative Brand Manager: Annie Maddox