Art Ross, Creative Brand Manager


“Reflections on Diversity”


I fear diversity. It makes me uncomfortable. The unknown and foreignness of other people challenge my assumptions, disrupt my prejudice, and dismantle my perspectives. 

I’m intrigued by diversity too. My inner child whispers, “It’s okay. You don’t have to defend yourself, you don’t have to defend who you are. Just listen, learn, and explore. The unknown has so much to teach you.”

I wonder at people. I can’t believe we are all so different and I can’t believe we are not the same. But we are not the same. Wow, everyone is not the same.

I am in awe of diversity. It is a tapestry of thought, color, age, gender, skill, religion, size and so much more. Each piece weaves and flows together to create what’s incredible, expansive, and magnificent about human life.

I believe that diversity builds something greater than the sum of its parts and that collaboration, listening, and comfort with discomfort are at its core. Everyday I strive to bring openness, readiness, and excellence to the table for my peers and myself as we receive something new – an experience I have always loved, and one that still makes my heart race.

Adapted from an application essay to the Roger Hatchuel Academy at Cannes Lions.